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    Miiverse for 3DS Out Now!

    Miiverse has been introduced to the 3DS. The new patch will transfer the 3DS' online system from friend codes to the Nintendo Network, including access to the new online shop, community forums (with the popular doodling feature) and allow you to maintain a friends list. Miiverse is also accessible from a PC. I expect NNID will become necessary with the cross platform release of Smash Bros looming, but playing against 3DS players sounds quite awesome! It's about time Nintendo unified the Wii U with their popular handheld system.

    Nintendo 3DS Miiverse, Network ID update out now - Gaming News - Digital Spy

    The version 7.0.0-13U patch notes in full (via NeoGAF):

    Added Support for Nintendo Network IDs:

    •Users can now create or link a Nintendo Network ID, which is required to use some network services, from within System Settings

    •Nintendo eShop has been updated to support Nintendo Network IDs (*1)

    •For more information regarding Nintendo Network IDs, please visit our Nintendo Network ID introduction page

    Added Support for Miiverse:

    •Users can now view and post to Miiverse from Nintendo 3DS family systems

    •For more information regarding Miiverse, please visit our Miiverse introduction page

    Added a Software Update Notification:

    •A notification will now display when software is started and update data is available (*2)

    Removed the limit to system transfers:

    •The previous limit of five system transfers per system has been removed

    Changed the start-up method of Nintendo 3DS Camera from the HOME Menu:

    •Pressing the L and R Buttons simultaneously will now start the Nintendo 3DS Camera from the HOME Menu

    Improved system stability and usability:

    •Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience

    *1 Credit card information stored on the Nintendo eShop will be deleted after this update is performed or after linking a new Nintendo Network ID
    *2 SpotPass must be enabled to use this feature
    My NNID is Rikevfox for those who want to add me.

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    Not sure if I want to update to get this... or stay with the version I have to use this [To bypass the region lock.]

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    Quote Originally Posted by X-13 View Post
    Not sure if I want to update to get this... or stay with the version I have to use this [To bypass the region lock.]
    I have the DS-TWO cart, and it's still only supporting 3DS 6.3.0-12x firmware, so I'm staying on that until it is updated itself.

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