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Gaming Thread, Gaming laptop advice for co-worker in Fun Stuff; Originally Posted by LincolnK Get him to take a look at some of the custom built laptops at pcspecialist ( ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by LincolnK View Post
    Get him to take a look at some of the custom built laptops at pcspecialist (PCSPECIALIST - Custom PCs, Custom Computers, Custom PC, Desktop PC, Custom Built Computers, Gaming PC)

    They seem to do decent bits of kit in different sizes and options, I'll be getting a 13.3" laptop from them soon enough myself.
    On the custom built side of things, Chillblast - The UK's most awarded Custom PC builder - Cheap PCs - Gaming PCs - Workstations are certainly worth checking out. I got my PC from these guys a little while back. Great machine, good price and the service was pretty good to boot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nephilim View Post
    MSI GP60 2OD-448XU 15.6 Inch Laptop - Laptops and Tablets - Best Laptop Deals, Ultrabook and Cheap Tablet PCs < I use arbico a lot for my customers, and they've never let me down, and they have fantastic service. This would be a great option, about half of his budget, and its beefy enough to run almost all modern games on high settings and get 30-40fps.
    What a rip off at that price the 740m is mediocre at best, my friend bought one a while back now with a 740m and it struggles to play Rust anything over Simple Graphics, at 1440x900!

    Quote Originally Posted by X-13 View Post
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    I think I have the one up from that with a GTX860m. [GTX870m?]

    It's so nice... but I no longer have enough time to get a coffee before it boots.
    The 860m is ok-ish but for a few more quid I'd go with a 870m, if you're co-worker is on a budget then maybe go for the older 765m or 770m which don't differ much in performance but can be a lot cheaper.

    I'd recommend an Alienware as they are the one gaming laptop that is practical it can be upgraded along with the GPU (Only Alienware 17 to 18) just like you would a desktop PC and with 3 hard drive bays etc.... it all makes sense for the money, but rule number 1, never buy from Alienware direct sometimes it can take a month for the flaming thing to be delivered and they are much more expensive than buying from a re-seller. Something like this will be good and it's so worth the extra few hundred!
    Dell Alienware 17 M17x R5 Laptop 3.4 i7,16GB,Win 8.1 ,HD,4GB Radeon R9 M290X | eBay

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    Spoke to him the other day and he took the plunge and got a Alienware machine from the dell outlet store. Told him to bring it in when he gets it. Thanks guys.

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