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Gaming Thread, Sir, you are being hunted! in Fun Stuff; If you want a fun, slightly wacky but entertaining game, look at this! It's still in alpha but is very ...
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    Sir, you are being hunted!

    If you want a fun, slightly wacky but entertaining game, look at this! It's still in alpha but is very fun. Imagine the DayZ survival type game but with robots instead of zombies. It's all very English (as the title suggests) with robots in tweed jackets marching around the fields with shotguns. You have to find fragments of something to get off the island (there are 5 islands) while avoiding the robots. The AI is pretty decent even at this stage. Standard hunters will see you, fire and chase you until they can no longer find you. Robot dogs chase you and pin you. A robot in a hot-air balloon floats around and can shine a light on you to alert others if he spots you.

    Little villages have great names such as "Wanton Rummage" and "Great Tweaking"

    The gameplay is quite simplistic, you have health and vitality. Health stays the same unless shot. If you start to bleed you need to bandage up or die. Eating and drinking don't increase health, only vitality. So keeping vitality high means your health regenerates. Vitality low means you stay on low health if hit.
    You can raid houses for food/drink/distraction items and weapons. This is where the "English-ness" comes in. To distract robots you can use empty bottles of stout, a toy train set that you set up, an alarm clock, a trombone (yes, that's right!) and many other things.

    At the moment it's single player only, but I could see this being very fun with multiple people all trying to avoid the robots, pushing them towards other players.


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    Looks like an interesting game, however, seeing as it's not multiplayer, it's off my radar for now.

    Nice input though!

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    I saw this listed before and thought it looked interesting. Thanks for posting.


    Any game with these features is worth my £15:

    Key Features

    ◾First-person stealth and survival.

    ◾Procedurally-generated British landscape.

    ◾Three biomes to explore: rural, mountainous, and fenland.

    ◾Infinite replayability in a sandbox world.

    ◾Powerful, brutal AI that becomes tougher as you play.

    ◾Tea and biscuits.

    ◾Foliage-based stealth system.

    ◾Scavenge to survive.

    ◾Play as Sir or Madam.

    ◾Relentless Britishness.
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