Anyone else played this?!?

I've start playing this over the past few weeks - and it's one of those games that leave you PHYSICALLY drained!

It starts out with you fortifying your camp, then searching the neighborhood for resouces (Food, Medicine, Materials, Ammo, Fuel) which deplete with time and once they're used, they're gone.

You also start off with a character who, inevitably, will die. There's no way around this - that guy you've just spend hours building up, getting attached to - he's going to be Zombie-chow.
You then have to deal with that morale drop and then look after the group to make sure they don't leave/kill themselves.

All that, whilst trying to rescue other survivors, keep the hordes away from your camp, and doing the main/side missions, between rushing back to the camp to deal with whichever nugget has a tantrum.

I can't just stand on top of a building and pick them off - there's no time for it, plus once the ammo's fired, it's gone.