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Gaming Thread, The Order: 1884 in Fun Stuff; Any one seen news of this on the PS4? I can't make my mind up about it. Is it a ...
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    The Order: 1884

    Any one seen news of this on the PS4? I can't make my mind up about it. Is it a third party frag fest, or is it something deeper - the PS4's first answer to The Last of Us?

    I may have to wait a few months after release before getting a copy, see how the reviews/gameplay works out. May be use the PS4's new try before you buy feature?
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    No one knows yet, they wouldn't talk about it. I read a snippet the other day it'll be a 3rd person story driven games. TLOU has the bar set pretty high, so your exceptions might be off for a first gen game on it!! Some info coming up at the next games conference, some more PS4 exclusives also expected.

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