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Gaming Thread, Gears of war judgement in Fun Stuff; Is there any Gears of war judgement players on Edugeek is so what do you think to it? I think ...
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    Gears of war judgement

    Is there any Gears of war judgement players on Edugeek is so what do you think to it? I think its different in a good way. but I hate the fact that if you play co-op say hardcore mode and a someone on casual mode joins the game. The stars your playing for change from gold to bronze. basically the stars you play for is determined by the player on the easiest mode. which in some ways I think is not very good as when you select hardcore you want to play hardcore mode with other players at that level.

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    To be honest, i've left GW from number 1. I played 2 only for the storyline, nothing more.

    Unless they bring back the fast diving + shooting like in number 1, i'll be away from it

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    HI there, i thought it was good in a different way too. i did not know that for the stars though, that kinda sucks if you ask me. kinda hard good people to play co-op anyway.

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