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Gaming Thread, Steam Game Elevated UAC Permissions in Fun Stuff; Hello there people! I've been attempting to solve a steam overlay issue I have been suffering with Guild Wars 2 ...
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    Question Steam Game Elevated UAC Permissions

    Hello there people!

    I've been attempting to solve a steam overlay issue I have been suffering with Guild Wars 2 and could use any of you guys help.
    See, Guild Wars 2 will not host the steam overlay UI for me, not even if I add it as a non-steam game via steam or give steam/GW2 administrative access.
    As usual, from this, I decided to do some research on the internet to find others who have had similar issues and to try their salves on the problem presented.

    This led me to find someone offering that the steam overlay UI is not connecting fully through the process because of the user account control permission is interrupting it. Now I wished to look into whether this was true, so I decided that I'd find a way to activate the game with UAC being given elevated access for the specific program. In that way I'd keep the user account control security feature, while also obtaining a free pass from a pestering pop up and be finally able to use steam overlay in GW2.

    I used this internet guide to put me through the process of giving the program elevated access:
    Elevated Program Shortcut without UAC Prompt - Create - Windows 7 Forums

    Because I figured that the main steam.exe was an indirect cause of the problem, I decided to test this guide out first on that program.
    So did it actually came to work, as I could click on my steam shortcut without the UAC pop up. But for the Guild Wars 2.exe for steam, it did not work as nicely. For one, as my non-steam game file shortcut for Guild Wars 2 is a URL, I suspect that might have caused a problem and inadvertently not make UAC be 'disabled.' Or my last thought is that as a steam game shortcut, the add arguments (optional) part requires it to be directed elsewhere first, before issuing the game direction.

    If anyone could help me with this hiccup in my testing, it'd be much appreciated. I'm not technically masterful, but I'll do my best to read from what others have to offer here. And I'd suggest reading the guide before giving a response, so you know what I'm on about. Unless you already know what I'm on about, which is good! I'd definitely need your help.

    Thanks for reading!
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    How do you launch Guild Wars 2? is it through another download service? I know when I was getting the steam overlay to work with Mass Effect 3 I had to add the Origin client as a non-steam game then launch ME3 from there.

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