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Enterprise Software Thread, Replacing crap drivers in SCCM 2012 in Technical; By "Crap" I mean "Microsoft". I have a great case here. Variety of hardware - not a problem, importing new ...
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    Replacing crap drivers in SCCM 2012

    By "Crap" I mean "Microsoft".

    I have a great case here.
    Variety of hardware - not a problem, importing new drivers is absolutely a doddle. However, we have a batch of nVidia (ugh) chipset motherboards for AMD processors, which have nForce network controllers.
    Excellent - import drivers, add to boot images - fine. Goes through the process, but stops at the part where it has to apply networking because it hasn't actually applied the nVidia drivers - it's decided to use what are clearly more superior drivers from Microsoft. Driver loads fine, no exclamation marks or anything in device manager. But no connection. BECAUSE THE DRIVER IS CRAP! >:|
    Replace it manually with the nVidia driver and it's absolutely fine.

    However that's not much good when you have a lot of machines to build.
    Anyone therefore know how to replace Microsoft's shoddy drivers with something decent? I'd rather hoped that using driver packages as well as auto applying drivers would have overwritten but obviously because it doesn't see the need to, it doesn't bother.

    I'm going to try one thing (really a last resort botch job) of making yet another bloody image just for these machines where I've manually removed any oem*.inf files pertaining to nvidia hardware. Any better solutions thoroughly and gratefully accepted.
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