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Enterprise Software Thread, System Center Essentials 2010 in Technical; Does any one know of any tips for installing/configure SCE2010 ? I just want to make sure I have everything ...
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    System Center Essentials 2010

    Does any one know of any tips for installing/configure SCE2010 ? I just want to make sure I have everything right!

    I have installed it on one of my servers, but everything I seem to do with it I seem to get errors or warnings on Update Status, Agent Status, Alert Status. I'm yet to see three ticks!

    SCE has managed to pick up the machines as I've got them in a group I've created, but I've tried to deploy updates such as Adobe, Java and flash but the all seem the be failing!

    Usually the errors are installation failed!

    Most of the windows updates are also "Not Applicable" things like Security updates for Windows 7 ?

    I have moved to SCE from WSUS which was also on this server.

    Any Ideas ? Any one else having issues ?

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    You may not want to hear this, but my top tip for installing SCE is "don't".

    I used it here for a year before getting sick of it. It doesn't work properly, it's a massive resource hog, and pretty much all the functionality it provides is done better by other, usually free tools. Local Update Publisher in particular is an awesome bit of freeware that allows you to issue your own updates to WSUS using exactly the same API as SCE, and all it requires to be installed on your server is the normal WSUS role

    Goodbye SCE – I never liked you anyway « The Angry Technician
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