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    SCCM and Sophos

    Afternoon All
    What fun installing and configuration SCCM 2012 was! Anyway it up running.
    Our XP clients are old, some with 1GB memory and a lot with 512MB ram. I pushed the SCCM client out no problems but..
    The XP clients all run Sophos. Now when a user logs in it takes forever 8-15 minutes to get to a usable open word document. The PCís with 1GB ram are ok but still not great.
    Thought the SCCM client software didnít do much / take up much resource. (and yes I have disabled the software inventory and things like that in the client). On a process monitor the CPU is around 6% but the page filing / memory is going mental.
    I remove Sophos (version 9.7) and the problem goes away. Anyone else experience this running Sophos?


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    Call Sophos?
    9.7 is kinda old. Why haven't you upgraded to 10.1 yet?

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    There's some glaring issues here. For one, you need to really consider bumping up the RAM in those computers. Secondly, have you considered using Forefront? You are using SCCM 2012, so you should already be licensed to use Forefront. Third, you're using an old version of Sophos. I'm sure if you call Sophos, they'll tell you to update.

    There are probably some AV exclusions that you'll need to configure for Sophos to work correctly with the SCCM 2012 client.

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