Hi All,

I know it has been a while since i posted something, But i am in serious problem now!!, there is this user who is working on a windows XP machine and has Microsoft Lync 2010 installed as my company policy says, Briefly the problem that when he logs in to the machine, he logs just fine, and he opens his outlook just fine, but when it gets to Microsoft Lync signing in, It automatically sign in but after a while it asks for a username and password, So as the service center told me, I keep canceling it, because he is already signed in in the background, so after a 3 times canceling this window that asks for a username and password, whenever he try to open the internet explorer it also asks for a username and password, and whenever that happens it means that his account has been locked out, so i removed every single saved password on the machine, and I removed the expired certificates, and even went to the registry and set the value of the save password in the communicator to 0 and removed the cached files in the communicator folder in the local settings folder, and still he has the problem !!! ANY HELP !!!