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Enterprise Software Thread, Mail Relay in Technical; We have some Konica Minolta photocopiers which have CS remote care setup on them. CS Remote care sends Konica an ...
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    Mail Relay

    We have some Konica Minolta photocopiers which have CS remote care setup on them. CS Remote care sends Konica an e-mail when the photocopier needs a consumable and also our meter readings.

    Since we have moved over to LGFL 2.0 with Virgin Media being our ISP this no longer works as it is being blocked. I requested that the IP address of the Konica SMTP server on port 25 be unblocked but they said they can't do they. So they have said they have setup a mail relay but this is also not working. This has been going on for almost 3 weeks now and I feel like im getting no where.

    So my next plan was to try setting up a mail relay via our own on site exchange 2003 server. Under the SMTP virtual server in the relay restrictions settings it is set to "Only the list below" and in the list below I have added all the photocopier IP addresses. Do I need to do anything else?

    On the photocopiers I assume the IP of the exchange server needs to be added as the SMTP server.

    I want to get everything in place as I don't have access to change the CS Remote care settings on the photocopiers, I have to call out a Konica Engineer to do it.

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    This sould be it, its what we usually do for our copiers for scan to email. That is how I would test it to be honest as it should use the same settings.

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    Why donít you just use the email relay service ?? it's working for my system ....

    Itís described here at the bottom of this page of the manual


    Just raise a support case and specify the ip address of your copiers and the email address yopu want to send to and your away ...

    no need to do anything else - perhaps theres something configured wrong at one end .... worth fixing tho.
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