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Enterprise Software Thread, Backup exec????Have not got a clue! in Technical; Hi all The state of play is this... a. One year ago new server 2008 R2 installed by Dell. (I ...
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    Backup exec????Have not got a clue!

    Hi all
    The state of play is this...

    a. One year ago new server 2008 R2 installed by Dell. (I have no support).

    b. "Backup Exec" and a Dell TL 2000 Tape Drive installed by Dell.

    c. Dell configured the backup strategy.

    (The persons in charged failed to arrange any training for me on the systems.

    When the "Backups" started to fail my newly appointed boss decided to bring in her own "outside" support to assist.

    The support person did manage to get it working to a degree but it still fails to do "full" backups etc.

    Now the new boss has withdrawn that support and I am left with a broken backup server !)

    State of play today...

    a. Both differential and full backups are failing to run.

    b. The tapes that were allocated to do the "Full Backup" are highlighted as offline.

    c. The error messages indicate that the media is not available

    I have tried lots of ideas to fix this but no luck and I now have no support............

    I have considered using the admin guide to start a complete new fresh backup stratetgy using the 16 tapes that are

    already in the tape drive. (I have 3 tapes that contain previous backups set aside)

    Is this possible to achieve a new fresh backup strategy using the old tapes with Backup Exec.

    Do the tapes need formatting etc

    I am on my own with this one and need to get it running.

    Any Suggestions


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