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Enterprise Software Thread, Exchange 2010 + EXBPA (FYCQB14TVDLT) in Technical; I was playing with an upgraded to (a single) 2010 system where there's a very slight touch of doubt about ...
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    Exchange 2010 + EXBPA (FYCQB14TVDLT)

    I was playing with an upgraded to (a single) 2010 system where there's a very slight touch of doubt about the Public Folders. But everything works fine in user-land and I eventually thought I'd run the BPA just in case. It says unconditionally, on the non-default tab:

    "The default public folder database is remote ... The default public folder database for mailbox database '<dbname>' on server <server name> isn't local'

    Which bothered me given that they'd been moved to the local system from another earlier Exchange box.. perhaps something about that hadn't quite worked? So I scoured the net, read this read that, spent half a lifetime poking about with ADSIEdit and so on getting nowhere - it, specifically where msExchHomePublicMDB was pointing, looked correct.

    So finally I decided to look at the BPA XML to try and figure out what it was doing and it was essentially this:

    Does the string "CN=PUBLIC FOLDER DB,CN=DATABASES,CN=EXCHANGE AD...<common path>" contain "CN=SERVERNAME,CN=SERVERS,CN=EXCHANGE AD...<common path>"

    Which it clearly doesn't, and by and by I tried it on a fresh E2K10 VM and got the same error for the same reason: The BPA "local" rule is apparently testing whether the public folder path points to part of AD where it does not live on a (single) 2010 system... not on the orginal system... not on a new one... not on another I eventually got to check.

    I have a feeling that if you've spent much time with PFs on Exchange 2010 (which I haven't) then this is one of those "Oh, didn't you know that?" things, but no I didn't and if it's on anyone's blog, in a forum or noted somewhere in some MSA blurb, then it's bleeping well hidden. But that's an aside - sanity checks are supposed to be sane surely?!?
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