We recently installed new Server 2008 R2 over Easter, but I am struggling with a few External Exchange 2010 services.

Our setup is a TMG with 2 external listeners, 1 IIS Server publishing 3 x Web Servers and 1 x Exchange Services to external users, 1 x Exchange server for Services for internal users and the mailboxes.

Originally I got OWA working through TMG with TMG doing the authenticating, this caused problems browsing folders and sending emails.

I then got ActiveSync (AS) working for Mobile phones - externally only tho (ie not available when the phone is connected via the schools internal wireless).

I am now looking at providing OutlookAnywhere (OA) when staff are outside school.

I am struggling as TMG seems to block it.

Tonight I changed the listener authentication for mail.xxxxx.xx from Basic to No Authentication, and in the Publishing rule the authentication is No delegation, but client may authenticate directly.

The idea being is that, instead of TMG handling the requests everything is forwarded to the IIS Server which handles all the external requests.
This works a lot lot better for OWA, Mobile email checking seems a little slow, but Outlook Anywhere is allowed through TMG but failes with a 401 Error while on my laptop at home it keeps prompting me for my username and password.

Has anyone else managed to overcome these issues with using Exchange 2010 and TMG?

Many thanks