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Enterprise Software Thread, SCCM 2012 - splitting sites in Technical; Conundrum time SCCM 2012. All is going well, however one thing I'd like to be able to do is to ...
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    SCCM 2012 - splitting sites

    Conundrum time

    SCCM 2012. All is going well, however one thing I'd like to be able to do is to keep distribution points specific to each of our two sites.

    So, we are a split site school connected via gigabit fibre. Plan is to have the primary SCCM server on site A, and another acting pretty much just a second DC with distribution point on site B. Currently, the whole site is one large IP subnet and ideally that's how it should be kept. However I'd like machines on site B to authenticate primarily to Site B's server, and also only fetch content from the Site B server/dist point.

    Whichever way I look at it, either via boundary/groups or AD sites, I can only define each site by IP range/subnet. The only logical way of achieving this, that I can see, would be to separate the IP ranges per site - so for instance Site A used to and Site B used 192.168.101 to 192.168.254. That's not a difficult job, it's just a big one I'd rather avoid.

    I was rather hoping I could define boundaries/groups by AD containers (so we'd have a separate container for Site A and B, and relevant OU's therein) however this doesn't seem to be possible, unless anyone has any golden nuggets of information?

    Many thanks

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    I spent a lot of time attempting this. Within the distribution point for site A you can define the boundary group it is assigned too. I did a secondary site installation and assigned a different site code to site B.


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