ARRRGGGGHHHHHHH ripping my hair out with BCM.

I have installed BCM with Outlook Pro Plus 2010 on all my machines, for some users it works and some it doesn't - It's message linking & tracking that spits out an error. I have logging enabled and it's something to do with BCMres crashing but everything I've tried to get it working hasn't worked. I can find loads of solutions on Google to try to get it working but it just doesn't do it.

I've tried the usual of Uninstall and Reinstall etc etc - BCM Works on my user account which is Admin but it seems to be the users it doesn't like but there arnt really any policies as far as I can see that would stop it from working. The remote database is working correctly as I get connection successful when I attach BCM to it.

I'll attach a screenshot and a copy of the Log.


BCM 300312.txt

Does any one have any ideas ?