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Enterprise Software Thread, Whos using SCCM? in Technical; Anyone testing using 2012 and FEP 2012 yet? I have not used SCCM or FEP before but tying to find ...
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    Anyone testing using 2012 and FEP 2012 yet? I have not used SCCM or FEP before but tying to find an alternative to sophos. I think I have everything set up but definitions are not being updated on the selected clients I have installed the client on. I have the updates being pulled down to SCCM and an automatic deployment rule the malware policy is set to check for updates every two hours and the sources are set as the configuration manager server but clients just dont update with the new definition automatically. click the big Update button and they get it but cant get this automated.

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    Looks like we are going with Forefront Endpoint so we need SCCM. It needs to be done within 20 days, i home SCCM 2012 comes quick

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    Sccm 2012 is great and made my life easier as a network admin. Forefront is ok I did find it has very little custimisation in regards to exceptions etc.

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    Exceptions in Forefront 2012 (which is just rebranded 2010 I hasten to add) are easy - do them via registry and send out fragments via GPO.

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