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Enterprise Software Thread, Delivering external POP3 email to Exchange account in Technical; One of our sites has only just been connected to our main network, so over easter I will need to ...
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    Delivering external POP3 email to Exchange account

    One of our sites has only just been connected to our main network, so over easter I will need to join their PC to the domain. They have been using a general email address but it is just a btinternet one. Over time, hopefully we can change completely to a @schoolname.org address but for the time being they will still need to receive emails sent to the BT one. I could setup a forwarder on the BT account but not sure whether I can trust that.

    So is there a way of having our Exchange server fetch the mail from that address over POP3 and deliver it to an internal mailbox? I am assuming there is since Google seemed to turn up some results, but I'm not entirely sure how to do it.

    We're using Exchange 2010 SP1. Thanks

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    What you're after is a POP3 connector. There are some commercial ones listed here, and a limited free one here. There are probably others available, hopefully someone can suggest one they've used.

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    Agree with AngeyTechnician.

    If it's only 1 user why not get them on Exch straight away, the cost is probably not worth it.

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