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Enterprise Software Thread, Exchange 2003 Disk Space problem and Log Files in Technical; Originally Posted by MrWu For every gigabyte of data that you move, an additional gigabyte of transaction logs is generated ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrWu View Post
    For every gigabyte of data that you move, an additional gigabyte of transaction logs is generated at the source and target server.
    That's nicely ambiguous, no way to be sure whether that's combined (with no indication to the distribution on either side) or two independent gigabytes. I suppose it's possible that the overhead for the deleting etc. on the source server is big enough per message, for the growth to still be quite significant e.g. move a few big messages and you don't notice much, but move lots of little ones and they add up. Think you'll have to move an initial few mailboxes and let us know the outcome!

    Note, I think @sukh's comments (1, 2) about deleting the older transaction logs are sound and vaguely recall doing that somewhere once, wasn't confident enough about that recall to tell you to go ahead and do it though.

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    When you move mailboxes a GB will be at the target if not more, but NOT at the source, I have never seen this in my experience or have seen this stated anywhere.
    However, a tiny amount MB if that will be at the source.

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    You guys Rock! Thank you...

    Moved 3 Mailboxes tonight, all under 400mb in size and up to 6000 items, transfered in about 18 minutes. exchange 2003 log files increased no more than 20mb, as predicted Exchange 2010 logfiles increased about 800mb (but we do have 1.6tb free)

    Now to test usability etc for those users tomorrow and will start migrating for sure this week, thank you guys so much!

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