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Enterprise Software Thread, Can anyone help me with SCVMM? in Technical; We have 3 Hyper-V hosts. I want to manage them all with SCVMM. Do I need to install it on ...
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    Can anyone help me with SCVMM?

    We have 3 Hyper-V hosts. I want to manage them all with SCVMM. Do I need to install it on all 3 hosts? Or can I put it on a seperate server and add the hosts to it? I'm slightly confused. Currently got it on one of the hosts, which isn't much use.

    Also, it seems like really unintuitive software. Is it just me? I'm sure it's great, but it doesn't seem very easy to learn. Bearing in mind I've not used any System Centre products before

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    Client host setup mate, install a server somewhere then use it to push out the clients, reboot later and it all should work. Free version has a trial period for 180 days i think.

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    You install the 'Server' side of SCCVM on to one server (can be an existing Hyper-V host) and then you use that to install a management agent on the others (only a small few MB service).

    Its easy enough to setup just point it in the direction of your servers and it will pickup all the VMs and whatever storage you have configured on that server.

    Best thing of all is it gives you a healthy overview of what is going on with each of your virtual servers and allows you to control every aspect of Hyper-V on them. Most of using it is click click click done

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    Its really good! though menu system abit wierd from what I recall I think its 365 day trial

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