I had a wonderfully stable BE 12.5 and CPS system working in concert with no issues for quite some time. Suddenly I started seeing V-79-57344-818 error messages appear in BE backups for the CPS destination folders, with a final error:

Final error: 0xe0000332 - File(s) are currently being backed up to the CPS Protection Server and cannot be backed up by Backup Exec. Adjust the schedules for the CPS and Backup Exec jobs that back up these file(s) to avoid running them simultaneously, and then try running the Backup Exec job again.Final error category: Resource Errors

Symantec isn't very consistent in its characterization of this problem in the BE error messages, knowledge base, and forums claiming it's both a result of corrupted files and BE attempting to backup files in the destination folder that CPS is currently backing up. I can tell you that's rubbish, because I've examined the files and they are fine (can be restored intact) and the CPS schedule is deliberately set to NOT overlap with the BE backup schedule to avoid this. I also see in the forums where Symantec reps have advised people to backup the snapshots instead of the destination folders to avoid this, something I believe Symantec advises against in the CPS documentation and really, far more coomplicated for restore purposes should CPS need to be restored.

It would be great if Symantec could fix this, but because this is not a fatal error what I would really like to see for now is a way to turn that error into a warning that's not flagged as a failure. Is there any way to do that? Any other suggestions on how I can work around this problem? Do I need to completely shut off CPS in the BE backup window and if so, any suggestions on how to do that in an automated fashion (on Windows Server 2003?) Thanks.