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Enterprise Software Thread, Exchange Global Address Book in Technical; Hello All I have an exchange 2010 server, which hosts emails for a total of 4 domains, all these 4 ...
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    Question Exchange Global Address Book

    Hello All

    I have an exchange 2010 server, which hosts emails for a total of 4 domains, all these 4 domains see the default global address book. What I want to do is disable this global address book, and create 4 new ones, say

    domain 1
    domain 2
    domain 3
    domain 4

    Once these are created I would then want to apply them to the relevant domain so each domain has its own Global address list??

    Any ideas if this can be done? and if so how?


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    1. Cant do it with a GAL, a GAL exists for the entire Exch Org (all domains)
    2. Exch SP2 will have something called GAL segmentation which should allow this but it isnt out yet.
    3. You can may create address and maybe mess around with permissions on that. Not supported though.

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