We've been using MDT/WSUS/Lite Touch here for a while now & everything is working great. Although yesterday i noticed something strange and wondered if anyone had seen anything similar.


  • Our WDS server sits in our Default VLAN (
  • One set of clients that I imaged lived in vlan 8 (

These clients connected fine & you could see them in the multicast Share in WDS. However I went to PXE boot some clients in a different vlan, This time Vlan 9 (, and they were picking up Vlan 8 DHCP addresses on PXE boot and obviously hanging.

As a precaution I tested pxe boot on a dev machine in the default VLAN and it went straight through.

How strange is that!? Our routing seems to be Okay as all of our clients/servers, no matter what vlan they are on, talk to each other and we haven't had any issues to date.

Mental times, Mental times!