We have installed Sharepoint 2010 Server edition to handle document and image libraries. We also are running mixed Mac and Windows clients, all authenticated via AD.

Faculty are accustomed to saving vast quantities of photos on Windows file shares in the past. This became untenable and users would not adhere to reasonable quotas particularly with photos.

Sharepoint was attractive because of browser based cross-platform support both on campus and on, especially with Office 2011 installed.

Anyhow, we have been unable to come up with any control for file sizes, besides the single max file size option in Sharepoint [default= 50 MB].

We really want to set max file sizes by type, max number of files in folder. For example, one user last year uploaded 730 photos into a single public folder. So we don't want that kind of scenario to repeat itself.

User education is fine, and so are over-all quota [ie. 10 GB per faculty member] but we want also get at huge numbers or inappropriately sized files by type.

Anybody find a plug in that helped with this.

Sharepoint is our only alternative. We are committed to it, so other options are not on the table. SMB shares on Windows shares for Mac clients are pretty unbearable in terms of speed, so this drove us to Sharepoint was well.

Any tips or solutions on setting quotas in Sharepoint would be greatly appreciated.