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Enterprise Software Thread, Exchange - Disable out of office for students in Technical; Does anybody know if there is a way to disable exchange out of office for student mailboxes? We have all ...
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    Exchange - Disable out of office for students

    Does anybody know if there is a way to disable exchange out of office for student mailboxes?
    We have all of the student mailboxes in a single store, and staff in another so if there is a powershell command which could be ran to disable it that would be great.

    Some of our pupils are setting out of office replies which is a fake non delivery report which I would like to disable if I can.


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    Per User Settings
    Exchange 2007 lets administrators control per-user external OOF messages using the Monad command "Set-Mailbox" with the "ExternalOOFOptions" parameter:
    MSH>Set-Mailbox -id <mailbox identity> -ExternalOOFOptions [InternalOnly,External] By default, per-user external OOF option is set to allow external OOF. By setting this to "InternalOnly" for a given mailbox, instead of "External", that mailbox will not be able to send OOF messages outside the company, using any client, regardless of what the user selects.
    This might do what you want? Seems to be per user command but you could probably batch it somehow.

    Edit: Ah, I just realised, this won't work as your emails are internal.

    Seems unless you have a different domain for your pupil users I'm not sure you can do what you want.
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    1. If OOO is for external users then use the above as mentioned and set it for all mailboxes on that DB, you should be able to use get-mailmailbox for that DB and pipe out to set-mailbox.
    2.If internal pupils are sending OOO to internal users, this would be difficult to achieve but if you dont want the OOO to go to internal users then use transport rule to silently drop the message and use keyworkds such as Out-Of-Office etc...


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