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Enterprise Software Thread, owa search issue in Technical; Exchange 2007 We have an issue with a single user mailbox when it is searched in owa owa (ie 8) ...
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    owa search issue

    Exchange 2007
    We have an issue with a single user mailbox when it is searched in owa owa (ie 8) its not pulling the full results down or completing the search properly. Outlook searches mailbox fine and produces emails searched for.

    Ran test-exchangesearch returned
    ResultFound : False
    SearchTime : -1

    according to results means we have to rebuild full text index catalog for a complete mail database.

    I think this is a bit extreme for 1 user who has noticed an issue is there a way just rebuilding it for their mailbox

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    1. No it's not extreme for a user, I've had to do this in the past for a few users 3-4 and it doesnt take too long.
    2. Does depend on the content, number of mail items, size of your edb but I'm sure it will be quick. To give you an idea, it took about 4 hours for about 300 users whose mailbox size was on average 500MB.
    3. Do it in the evening or the weeked and will be ready for the next day.

    How to Rebuild the Full-Text Index Catalog: Exchange 2007 Help


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