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Enterprise Software Thread, Duplicate email appearing in OWA in Technical; Hi Having an issue with a particular email address which for some reason is appearing in Outlook twice. One which ...
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    Duplicate email appearing in OWA


    Having an issue with a particular email address which for some reason is appearing in Outlook twice. One which works fine but if the user picks the other contact. What I dont understand is the spelling is the same for both but one starts of with a capital letter and the other isnt.

    When I go to distribution group in EMC it shows in there with the capital letter, If I try to add the lower case cover it doesnt work because obviously the name already exists and there cannot be duplicates.

    For the life of me I dont understand why in OWA it is showing duplicate email address.

    I attach a pic of what it shows to the user.

    Is there anyway I can get rid of that second entry?



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    Have you tried deleting the non-duplicate mailbox, then seeing if the duplicate still appears? If not then just re-add it again and see what happens.

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    1. what does it show on the GAL
    2. Are these 2 smtp addresses assigned to assigned to different mailboxes? the same? DL?
    3. Is it only this one users who sees this for this smtp address or all users?

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