I am not sure where this goes but hopefully here will be fine.

Hope someone can give us some pointers. We have a bit of a weird issue, and my colleague and I are a bit baffled by it.

Problem 1 (incorrect dates in Windows explorer):

We map N: drives to document libraries, by using the following command:

net use n: "http://vle/staff/supportstaff/School Office"

For some reason the last modified date in windows explorer (not IE) is not showing correctly. The web view however of the document library does show the correct date when it was last modified. The document is .XLS

Problem 2, intermittently saving changes.

The second problem but we can't 100% rule out if it is user error or not and is very intermittent. Changes made to document (for example excel or word document) would not have been saved and no error message is displayed to the user.

We have checked the SharePoint logs (and enabled advanced logging) and there isn't anything out of the ordinary.

If anyone has come across this any help or pointers would be great.