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Enterprise Software Thread, Upgraded to Exchange 2010, we now have a problem! in Technical; I have managed to free up one of our servers (moved some roles over to other servers) Reloaded Windows Server ...
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    Upgraded to Exchange 2010, we now have a problem!

    I have managed to free up one of our servers (moved some roles over to other servers)

    Reloaded Windows Server 2008 R2 and installed Exchange 2010

    Moved the mailboxes over (created new databases as you need to when moving them over)

    Moved the offline address book, external connections etc

    Only problem we are having is that the address book dont work, no one can find email addresses whening typing in.

    I have found we have three email address policies

    - Student E-Mail Address Policy

    - Staff E-Mail Address Policy

    - Admin E-Mail Address Policy

    These have a recepients filter linking them to there database

    this is what is on the recepients filter

    (Database -eq 'MAIL01\Admin Storage Group\Admin Database' -and RecipientType -eq 'UserMailbox')

    (Database -eq 'MAIL01\Teacher Storage Group\Teacher Database' -and RecipientType -eq 'UserMailbox')

    (Database -eq 'MAIL01\Student Storage Group\Student Database' -and RecipientType -eq 'UserMailbox')

    Im assuming that as this policys are set to the wrong database this is why the email address cant be found when checking someones name in a new email?

    What would be the correct Exchange PowerShell to update these policies or even create new ones?

    Sure sure how our support company oringinally set this up... hense this problem

    Is there a need for all these email policies? Cant we just use one?
    Or is this needed to connect to the databases?

    Im a little confused here, if someone could help

    What the difference between these?

    Address list
    Global Address list
    Distribution Group

    Also after searching Google to see what the default address lists, I have found out we have the extra

    Student Address List (Global Address List)
    Student Global Address (Address List)
    Null (Global Address List)

    I have looked at how oringnal documation the comopany gave us and found this part

    Student Global Address List
    Because the students GAL (Global Address List) should not list teachers and admin staff I have written a series of programs which set the GAL to a list which only includes students. These programs run every hour during the day, this is designed to catch new users before they logon. Because of the it is best to wait an hour after creating new users before letting them logon. The programs are scheduled tasks on the mail server so they can be ran separately if necessary.

    For the so could series of programs I have found Scheduled Tasks that run batch scripts, one batch for each year group. But I cannot show you the batch script because I can not see this is location the Scheduled Tasks is linked to... Someone must have deleted this folder! So that doesnt help

    How do you guys deal with students seeing teacher name of email addresses? Not sure what excaully what 'students GAL (Global Address List) should not list teachers'

    Would that mean it will not list the teachers name or does that it wont find it at all? Never tested this, cant know because all the files are missing

    Would like it so it can find the teachers email address but not show their name, as their not meant to know the teachers first name.

    Thanks a lot in advance

    Hopefully this is easy, fedup of the last two days, teaching moaning they dont know people email addresses

    Again many thanks!

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    1. Look at a staff user check their SMTP address
    2. Look at a admin users and check their SMTP address
    3. Look at a student user and check their SMTP address

    See if each of the users have a different local name, ie. what is the naming convention before the at (@) sign? firstname.surname? last name only for teachers etc..I assume you have 3 Email Address Policies so that different names are stamped for each type of user.

    4. The filters which are set. Do they point to the right Exchange server and database since the move?

    5. It appears that you have moved your Exchange users to a new database and these users (admin, teachers, users) were on seperate databases which had a custom address list applied to them, i.e all students on the students databasw would only see students when they composed a new mail and looked at the GAL.

    6. What you are tryin to achive is also know as GAL segmenation which is really for tenent companies, Hosted solutions). Exchange 2010 SP2 will include this functionality. Until then, you will have to remove the default GAL, which appears to be the case as you you find anyone is the GAL? Confirm?
    If this is the case, then you have to create the address list for each set of users and set this for each audience.

    7. Have a look at the commands below and their usage, they will help you achive what you need.


    Using these commands you create a filter for each address list using attrivutes which identify studnets, teachers and admin staff. Not sure what how these users are organised or if you are using any attributes to identify these?


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    Like sukh says in points 1 -4 but given there are no storage groups in Exch 2010, you'll need to alter the email address policies to match the new database names and/or locations.

    No time to find examples at present, but can chat later on this evening most likely if you want a hand with this.

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