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Enterprise Software Thread, Exchange 2007 SP1 to SP3 in Technical; Hi I am planning on getting our Exchange server updated next week to the latest service pack and associated patches. ...
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    Exchange 2007 SP1 to SP3


    I am planning on getting our Exchange server updated next week to the latest service pack and associated patches.

    Just wanted to check that I can do a straight upgrade from SP1 to SP3 of exchange 2007?

    Also my intention was to follow the steps below. Would this be the correct method?

    Exchange sits as a VMware ESX4 virtual machine.

    This is what I intend to do:

    Turn off Receive Connectors to ensure all mail in and out stops flowing whilst I am doing the upgrade.
    Switch the Exchange server VM off
    Snapshot the VM
    Bring the server back online
    Do the service pack upgrade to SP3 as well as other updates. Ensure fully patched up. Turn receive connectors back on. Make sure Exchange is working and mail flowing in and out.
    Once up and running, Delete the snapshot

    Would others follow this sequence? Any other advice anyone can provide would be helpful. I dont see any issues but thought I would check....


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    There is no need to turn off any connectors.

    What is the current set-up of your Exch Env? Do you only have 1 Exch server or multiple? How are the roles seperated, assuming they are? Are you using any HA?

    You can go straight from SP1 to SP3.

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    As sukh said, you should be able to go from sp1 to sp3. Cool thing about SP3 is that you can do online mailbox move between exchange 2007 and 2010. this makes migration a lot easier!!!

    Also if exchange is running on ESX, why not snapshot it before upgrading.

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