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Enterprise Software Thread, Outlook 2007 Exchange School Calender in Technical; Hi We want to impliment a Global School Calender to share to staff and publish on our website, but we ...
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    Outlook 2007 Exchange School Calender


    We want to impliment a Global School Calender to share to staff and publish on our website, but we want to add all the events and only allow certain people see certain events. For example we want to place all school public events and allow everyone to see them like staff, students and parents. We then want to add staff events that only staff can see and not students and parents. We would like it this way so it can be easily managed in one calender but do not know if it is possible.


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    As far as my understanding goes this is not possible. When you give permissions on the calendar you define who can access the calendar and what they can with the calender. You cannot assign specific permission on meetings/appointments you place in the calendar.

    Your best option is to have two calendars.


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