We have received a request from a member of our Senior Leadership Team that e-Mail distribution lists be created for students by year group and college. We have security groups that cover either the *year or the †college courtesy of Talmos/CoreECS who operate the back-end of our Portal/VLE based on information pulled from SIMS.net, however I can’t find a way of combining them. I had heard that there were distribution lists that could be built around queries in Exchange Server 2003 and earlier, however this feature seems to have evaporated by the time they reached Exchange Server 2010. I think that it has been replaced by PowerShell scripting which is not something I am proficient with.

My research to date has found a number of sources of information that suggest that the following might work in creating them …

New-DynamicDistributionGroup -Name "ZZYear7CollegeA" -OrganizationalUnit "Students" -recipientContainer "workplace.local/workplace users" -RecipientFilter {((RecipientType -eq 'UserMailbox') -and (memberOf=CN=Year 7,OU=Classes,OU=Talmos Groups,DC=workplace,DC=local) -and (memberOf=CN=HCL CollegeA,OU=Classes,OU=Talmos Groups,DC=workplace,DC=local)))}

… but I am not certain if this will work and would appreciate any insight you might have, nor can I find any information to suggest that it will maintain the list as people join or leave the organisation.

Alternatively can you think of any other mechanisms through which we could create and maintain the distribution lists that we require.

“Year 7”, “Year 8”, “Year 9”, “Year 10”, “Year 11”, “Year 12”, “Year 13”, “Year 14”

“HCL CollegeA”, “HCL CollegeB”, “HCL CollegeC”, “HCL CollegeC”