Hoping someone can lend some ideas to an interesting problem we've been given.

Just had a lecturer enquire if the following would be possible.

They teach IT Skills in a local prison, and as part of this training are required to teach e-mail skills. One of the requirements is for the students to produce an email and send it to another student, and then receive a reply from the other student. All sounds pretty simply so far, however heres the kicker. Theres no internet access avalialbe to the comptuers. They do have a small local lan which the 6 computers are connected to, to allow printing only. The tutor may or maynot be able to install anything onto the computers, however is able to access the mini lan server and run applications via a memory stick, aswell as run applications from stick on the computers.

So basically what I'm looking for is an email solution that can be ran from a memory stick for the clients (thinking of using ThunderBird) and a portable POP3 Server which can be ran from memory stick. The biggest issues I'm going to encounter is dealing with the obvious DNS issue. Does anyone know of any form of P2P email system, where I can install the server application onto a memory stick plugged into the server, create a list of accounts, then run the clients on the student pc's via memory stick, point the client to the "server" hostname, log into the client with one of the accounts that were created on the Server Application. So when student 1 writes an email and address it to student2@(whatever) the server intercepts the email, checks its list, knows student2 is currently logged onto the pc with ip address x.x.x.x and sends it to that client.

If anyone has another solution, please let me know, because I'm hitting a blank at present.