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Enterprise Software Thread, Lansurveyor Alternatives in Technical; Hello everyone, I had an old version of this which I cannot find now to reinstall, I have tried its ...
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    Lansurveyor Alternatives

    Hello everyone,

    I had an old version of this which I cannot find now to reinstall, I have tried its new upgrade NTM and finding that this just does not cut the mustard the way that LanSurveyor used too.

    Can someone recommend me an alternative program ?

    I basically want to see whats plugged in what switch and where here prior to VLanning everything off and want to clearly identify what plugs in where on our masses of cables so its all mapped going forward. The free one included with spiceworks doesnt do much either that I can see.



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    The only thing I've found that worked for me (if I understand your request right) is LanTopolog Automatic physical network topology discovery

    Runs fine here on Windows 7 64 Bit

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    Try spiceworks. If you configure the smnp credentials, you can get reports of what is plugged into which switch ports.

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