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Enterprise Software Thread, Staff releasing jobs for their rooms in PaperCut in Technical; Did they ever reply?...
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    Did they ever reply?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kidpressingbuttons View Post

    I am currently looking into a method of teachers being able to release the printing for their classes, I have set up and had a tinker with the release station side of things but this allows people access to the entire print queue, which we don't want.
    As an end result we would like a teacher in IT for example to use a URL to get to the PaperCut release interface for their room only.
    Is this possible at all or does anyone have any alternatives?
    We just let them admin the queue.

    They keep the printer off unless it is needed. Then delete all the jobs and let their kids print. Afterwords they turn the printer off again.

    There is a technical reason why this is a bad idea, but frankly the risk and the consequences are so minimal that it doesn't bother me.

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