I think my brain has frazzled and just fed up with MS changing how things interact & making it so hard to do anything.

We want a shared calendar for our weekly routine. Bulk upload at the beginning of the term and a couple of people will have edit rights to add in any changes as we go. They then want the general masses (internally) to be able to look at the calendar froma link on the intranet.
In my mind a shared calendar that the editors work on from Outlook & the masses look at a web version. Sounds so simple.

So far I've found that:
- Public Folders are no longer recommended and have all kinds of limitations.
- OWA can't connect to Public Folder Calendars
- Bulk uploading to a shared mailbox calendar is very tricky
- You can't link directly to OWA calendars how you use to and be able to control the view
- Sharepoint is the recommended way to share anything now (so why Exchange 2013 is so massively bloated I have no idea)
- I can't get Sharepoint to sync bulk imported events from my Outlook

I'm not just going round in circles and starting to get annoyed. Can anyone make any suggests or say how they have done it?
We have all the usual suspects, Exchange 2013, Outlook 2010/13 and Sharepoint 2013.