Think I need a quick sanity check on this as I'm begining to wonder if I'm going mad

Situation is as follows:

  • user has an Exchange mailbox (on Office 365)
  • user wants to share their Inbox with another user
  • user may want to share either a) their entire Inboxincluding subfolders or b) certain folders within the Inbox

So after going through the obvious UI options and previous experience I have three methods of achieving the above

  1. Use the manual Folder Permissions button and set permissions on each folder that needs to be shared, quite laborious for multiple subfolders as permissions don't flow down the folder tree
  2. Use the Delegate Access option that lets the user set Inbox and Calendar from the same place, also generates a nice email but only applies to the Inbox folder (no subfolders again). New subfolders will be shared but existing ones won't (!)
  3. Apply the Full Access permission via Powershell to give access to all mailbox items, however this isn't user self-serviceable

How are others managing this (if at all?)