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Enterprise Software Thread, MS DPM 2012R2 in Technical; I've just set this up to test as I want to get rid of the PITA that is backup exec. ...
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    MS DPM 2012R2

    I've just set this up to test as I want to get rid of the PITA that is backup exec.

    Having a problem understanding how the backup jobs work though ...... Here's what I'm doing, i create a "protection group" and i select various bits of data that i want to go into one group, lets say as my Monday backup, and then i go in again to create one for stuff i want to backup on Tuesday. If the data from monday and tuesday both exists on the same server, i can no longer select it because it already exists in a previous protection group.

    Presumably I've got the wrong idea in treating protection groups as backup jobs. Seeing as the protection group has all the backup job settings in though, how do i create a separate job for two separate folders so that they don't end up on the same tape? I want, for example, to backup my student home folders on to one tape, and then the teachers home folders on to another over two separate days, both of these root folders exist on the same server within the same drive letter, but as soon as i create the first one the tick box is removed when i go in to create the second.

    Anyone well versed in this program able to explain how this is supposed to work?

    EDIT: The only thing i can think of doing is making a protection group for each server drive, then just changing the tape repeatedly until its finished :|
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    You can't have 2 folders/drives/shares etc.. on the same server protected by 2 different protection groups, DPM won't allow it, which is why the tick box is removed when you try and create the second one.

    You can have a protection group per tape if you choose not to optimise the tape usage, but your still stuck with the problem above. The only way I can see you achieving what you want is to have the 2 folders on separate servers so they can be in different protection groups.

    Any particular reason for wanting to write the data to separate tapes?

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    If you want them to be treated separately you will need to put the folders on different volumes as you have already guessed, this will then give you the flexibility you require. On one of my servers I have:

    f:\ = Students
    g:\ = Staff
    h:\ = shared areas

    I have f: and G in one protection group and h: in another.

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