Good Morning,

I wonder if anyone might be able to help with my problem, we have a finance server running Server 2008R2 with full blown SQL2012. We have had an issue with the server
and I am trying to do a restore of the databases but my issue seems to be with the master db as follows;

  • Stop the SQL Service
  • open power shell and navigate to the SQl2012 Binn folder
  • run the following command ".\slqservr.exe -m -c -s sql2012

Power shell then goes through it process then has a continuous loop saying 'Error 18456, severity 14, state 8 login failed for user "sa" reason password did not match that for login provided".

I understand that its an authentication error but I didn't provide a 'sa' password, I tried changing the service to a system account instead but this made no difference either, is there anything that anyone can suggest on how to get round this as the other databases attached fine through SQL Management Studio, I'm just having the problem trying to restore the master database.