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    Manage Print Credits

    We use papercut NG here in our school and i wanted to know how everyone else who uses Papercut handles the allocation of the initial credits for students and staff?

    At the moment KS3 students get £1 from April - April and KS4 students get £2.20 and staff users get their allocation bases on last years usage. This however proves very labour intensive when students and staff need topups both for finance and IT.

    Many Thanks

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    We give £10 at the start of the year & then £10 after Christmas, that's all. We then have £5 topUp cards available for students to purchase from Student Services

    We are a 6th form college if that makes a difference

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    I think we also need to know what you charge for printing.

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    We use Quota Scheduling and give KS3 students 15p per week or tops upto 15p if not used, KS4 students 45p but tops up if some sued but max of 45p, 3p per b\w 5p per colour but limit how many colour they can print, if they want more we query why.

    Staff we set them an overdraft of £100 initially as we have printers and photocopiers linked and Teachers linked to Departments if the use £100 we up the Overdraft we then produce a report finance who charge departments on usage, since departments have started to get charged for printing which wasn't the case a couple of years back printing is still to high but has reduced. Staff also use Moodle a lot more for uploading resources .

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