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Enterprise Software Thread, Projected User Area Growth in Technical; Hi All, Just wanted to put this question out there and see what everyone else allows for. So the question ...
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    Projected User Area Growth

    Hi All,

    Just wanted to put this question out there and see what everyone else allows for.

    So the question is: What projected user area files size growth do you allow for within a year on year basis, or expect to see?

    I am aware obviously this will be down to quantity of users on sites, just interested to see what everyone says.

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    We saw 1000% over three years. It slowed down over the third year, but is going to pick up dramatically now that Video work is getting embedded into many subjects, so am expecting another 1000% over the next three years.

    Something to be aware of: the large files can push out data from the servers' in memory file cache, so we are expecting to have to double fileserver ram to 32GB.

    Another option we are looking at is redirecting Videos to a volume backed by Nearline SAS LUNs while keeping documents and user profiles on SSDs minimising the hit for cache misses.

    Final option is the new VMware feature to stage the hottest data to ssd's on the host...

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