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Enterprise Software Thread, Kodu Electronic Marking in Technical; Hi all, Happy New Year! Our ICT Teaching staff have read only access to student user areas for electronic marking ...
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    Kodu Electronic Marking

    Hi all,

    Happy New Year!

    Our ICT Teaching staff have read only access to student user areas for electronic marking of coursework. Some classes have used Kodu and teachers need to mark the work but we cannot find their work. Do we know where this saves by default and how we can re-open it?

    All of the students have a super mandatory profile so the files are definitely in the users home folder somewhere but we can only find XML files with no way to open the project. If anyone can offer any pointers it would be appreciated!

    Kind regards, Ed

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    There is a way in Kodu for pupils to Export their game as a file. This can then be uploaded/sent to teachers. I have done this with classes and its a lot easier than rummaging in user areas.

    Not on a pc at the moment so can't remember exactly how to export from Kodu. Its pretty straightforward though.

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    What TheBinMan said - Kodu files are all saved just as the xmls along this path:
    \Documents\SavedGames\Boku\Player1\Content\Xml\Lev els\MyWorlds

    Technically you could replace your entire SavedGames folder with each pupil's separately, but it doesn't always seem to work perfectly and would take you forever (as you'd have to close and reopen Kodu each time too).

    The best way is to have students export their levels to .Kodu files. (or .Kodu2 I think, since the last update).

    To do this, they save their world, then go Home -> Load World, click the world they want, then instead of Play/Edit, there should be the option to Export.

    These .kodu files will then open up on any machine with Kodu installed.
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