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Enterprise Software Thread, Exchange 2007 in Technical; Cut a long story short. We run our own email system. We currently have exchange 2003 sat running on a ...
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    Exchange 2007

    Cut a long story short.

    We run our own email system. We currently have exchange 2003 sat running on a box which is coming up with disc errors (replaced disk and still getting them to raid error now)

    We are going to upgrade to 2010 then 2013.

    Is there a noobs guide for exchange 2010 that me and the nm can follow?.(Google not helping too much atm)

    We got a brand new server on its way for 2013. We just want to get in to this year. (Our forest level is 2003 still)

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    Why not just migrate to 2013 anyway rather than going to 2010 then 2013 ?

    I have a client at the moment who is running Exchange 03, we are going to upgrade him straight to 2013 on a new server and import all the mail to his new server.

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    you can't upgrade from 2003 to 2013 in the same Exchange Organisation. Try thr deployment assistant or get someone in if you're not too comfortable.

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