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Enterprise Software Thread, iOS7 printing & PaperCut in Technical; This is just a quick, proactive, post to let people know that when upgrading to iOS7 on their devices it ...
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    Lightbulb iOS7 printing & PaperCut

    This is just a quick, proactive, post to let people know that when upgrading to iOS7 on their devices it changes the behaviour of the print environment. This change is likely to affect more than just our software as well. We've updated our "PaperCut Known Issues KB" with details of how to resolve this in PaperCut: PaperCut KB | Known Issues with Recent Releases

    The short answer is, mark the newly created "mobile" user as "unauthenticated" and you should be good to go again.

    At a technical level what has happened is the IPP print from the iOS7 device no longer comes through as a "guest" user, it's now "mobile". This gets treated as a normal new user (see the numbered bullet points on the KB article) and can make it seem like printing is no longer working. Marking the "mobile" user as "unauthenticated" tells PaperCut to treat it the same as the "guest" user from older iOS environments.

    Obviously Apple devices are popular and we're fielding a few calls/emails/chats about this so the support team thought we'd spread the word. If you have further questions by all means get in touch with the PaperCut Technical Support Team. We do keep an eye on Edugeek but you're likely to get a quicker response from your Reseller/ASC or us directly :-)

    p.s. This is not a normal post, but we know that quite a few educational organisations are going to benefit from this. Mods, feel free to move this post if it's in the wrong forum.

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