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Enterprise Software Thread, SCCM 2012 - What specification in Technical; we are running a pretty small site with 150ish clients and 400 users or so. I plan on moving over ...
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    SCCM 2012 - What specification

    we are running a pretty small site with 150ish clients and 400 users or so. I plan on moving over to SCCM 2012 to use WSUS and FEP. We have a VMWare setup and so what I was wanting to know, should I create one SCCM server with SQL on it? or split the roles up? What amount of RAM would you guys suggest with these two options?


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    We've got SCCM and SQL on the same server, we use all roles and have around 750 clients. Our server has 32GB but uses around 16-20GB under load, you should get away with about 10-12GB as long as you limit SQL RAM usage.

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