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Enterprise Software Thread, Setting up an exchange 2010 CAS array in Technical; What's the best way of doing it? Essentially, I've inherited an exchange setup where thousands of staff and student outlook ...
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    Setting up an exchange 2010 CAS array

    What's the best way of doing it?

    Essentially, I've inherited an exchange setup where thousands of staff and student outlook profiles are set to connect directly a single exchange CAS server (as opposed to via a CNAME) and no CAS array currently exists. I'm planning on creating an exchange CAS array this summer, but this obviously means that I either need to 1. create a script to modify all outlook profiles to connect to the CAS array as opposed to the CAS server directly (and as many of these have additional mailboxes and other custom settings, this may be more work than it's worth) or rename the existing CAS server to something else, and call the CAS array what the CAS server was originally called.

    Has anyone done this before?

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    Yes recently and I did not need to change the outlook profiles to pick up the new array name it picked it up from autodiscover.

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    as @HMCTech says your autodiscover will just do it for you.

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    There are several things to watch out for.
    Once you have created the cas array you will need to change the rpcclientaccessserver setting on all the existing databases to reflect the new cas name.
    I have has issues with outlook not autodiscover ing and picking up the new cas array name. Easiest way to force this is to create a new database and move the mailboxes. This forces an autodiscover.

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