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Enterprise Software Thread, Stuffed installation of Symantec Endpoint Protection in Technical; Some time ago our servers started to complain that their virus definitions were out of date. I tried to start ...
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    Stuffed installation of Symantec Endpoint Protection

    Some time ago our servers started to complain that their virus definitions were out of date. I tried to start the admin console, and failed repeatedly. Eventually I placed a call to RM and their engineer (who I've dealt with before many times, and who I trust) spent a long time trying to work out why it had stopped working. It appeared to have been uninstalled, I was told, partially, at least. I therefore need to reinstall, perhaps after running Symantec's agressive strip-off-all-the-old-crap application. I was also informed that we did not licence SEP through RM, but directly with Symantec.

    Being advised to reinstall the console is all well and good, but for a few things:

    • I can't find an install source
    • I can't find a licence
    • I don't know our customer or support id

    I don't even know which version of SEP we're running (unless someone knows how to get the clients to tell me). EDIT - found it - it's 11.0. I'm sure that button only took me to a web page last time I clicked it!

    We must still be licensed as the clients are receiving updates, and i recently had a missed call from Symantec wanting me to renew (but leaving no contact information).

    Any suggestions at all short of starting from scratch?
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    To my mind, Symantec always send licence information via email. This happened with us even when we purchased Symantec via RM. I would check all email accounts that may possibly have received it for the info. That will get you to symantec file connect where you can download installers, etc.



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