I am currently working on an exchange server with around 20 users. Each user has a number of different email addresses, first name, initials, both etc.

I now need to replicate all email addresses but change the domain name of each whilst keeping the original intact and just adding the new ones. So, as an example I need bob@1.com to become bob@2.com but without losing the 1.com address.

I have tried creating a custom mail policy but it will not seem to do anything, wont even create the new policy, let alone action it.

Here is the code I am using -

>> New-EmailAddressPolicy -Name "Domain Swap" -IncludeRecipients AllRecipients -E
nabledPrimarySMTPAddressTemplates "SMTP: %g.@*****.net"

My plan was to use this with a different naming convention each time but if there is an easier way to attack this please suggest.

any advice would be great, thanks.