Im currently running SCCM 2012 along side my existing SCCM 2007 but with limited boundaries for testing. I have created a number of collections and created a few ADRs for Endpoint, Windows 7 Updates and Office 2010. This new feature is one of the best i have seen but i just wanted to see what other users of SCCM 2012 are doing for their updates?

My current Windows 7 and Office updates run monthly on the second wednesday to pickup the Patch Tuesday updates, but by the following month, those updates would have been overwritten by the ADR rule that is in place or are appended? How do people cater for new machines that are built with a six month old image?

I dont use OSD through SCCM yet but use MDT 2012 from a different server. Could i auto assign the machines to a collection where all these updates sit during the deployment?